A name renowned for industry-leading coating inspection products, Elcometer promote straight-forward, practical and effective equipment for the surface finishing industry. Implementing intelligent technology which has been expertly designed for a wide range of surface preparation and coating quality inspection tasks, they have an unshakable reputation in the surface finishing industry.

A little about the brand

When it comes to surface finishing equipment, there’s a reason why Elcometer are one of the most well thought of brands. With over 70 years’ experience in the industry, Elcometer are famous for their range of gauges, with their very first being manufactured back in 1947. Since then, Elcometer have branched out into blast equipment to cover a wider range of needs which includes the preparation of surfaces.

Whatever surface you are working with, whether ferrous or non-ferrous, the Elcometer range is bound to include the right tool for the job. And, here at SFEG, we’re proud stockists of some of their best-selling products including:

  • Elcometer 415 Industrial Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge – Model B
  • Digital Dry Film Thickness Meter – Model B – Ferrous
  • Testex Dial Thickness Gauge – Metric
  • Elcometer 506 Pull Off Coating Adhesion Tester
What is an Elcometer?

Elcometer has designed a product range specifically for the measuring of coating thicknesses. Known as Elcometer gauges, they offer quick, accurate and reliable readings which can be repeated again and again on a range of different surfaces making them incredibly versatile.

For those in the industry, the importance of accurate measurements will be obvious, as coating thickness is imperative not only for aesthetic purposes, but also in substrate protection and cost – so investing in an Elcometer gauge is a no brainer.

Straightforward technology

A brand known for their simple yet innovative products, any tradesperson will be able to operate an Elcometer tool. Depending on the tool you opt for, you can effortlessly switch between ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, measure the thickness of industrial surfaces in record time and even pair your device with the ElcoMaster® software for easily transferrable data.

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