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Airless Spray Pumps

From office makeovers to home renovations, professional painters take on a range of diverse jobs with a variety of painting needs.

With so many different projects, it can be tiring to paint all day, especially if you need to climb ladders and scaffolding to reach hard-to-access areas.

That's where airless paint sprayers come in.

Discover the perfect solution for your painting needs with our range of airless spray pumps. Say goodbye to traditional painting methods and achieve professional results effortlessly.

Finish your job efficiently with airless paint sprayers

Completing a job efficiently is a priority for many tradespeople.

So, whether you're short on time or just want to complete your project faster, consider airless paint sprayers for your needs.

When using an airless sprayer, you'll be able to complete your project in a much shorter timeframe than using a brush or roller, enabling you to meet deadlines or spend more time on other parts of your project.

Not only this, but in most cases just one layer ensures an even, seamless finish, even on more textured, complex surfaces.

Types of airless paint sprayers for every surface

Airless spray pumps are perfect for use on smaller surfaces such as radiators, doors and windows, as well as larger surfaces such as walls, ceilings, brickwork and building exteriors.

If you're working on smaller projects – spraying radiators before they're fitted for example – an air-driven airless spray pump or airless spray guns are a great option.

Electric airless spray guns like the Graco Silver Spray Gun are perfect for tradespeople using emulsion, varnishes and gloss regularly.

Maybe you specialise in renovation projects and use more heavy-duty materials such as plasters. A petrol-driven airless pump could make your job that bit easier.

No matter the size of your project, you can be sure to find the perfect airless spray pump here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group (SFEG).

How does an airless sprayer work?

Airless sprayers use suction to draw paint into a pump, which adds pressure to the paint using hydraulics or pneumatics. The pressurised paint is pushed through the spray nozzle, where it's broken into small droplets, a process called atomization.

Atomization helps the paint cover a wider area, making the application faster and more efficient, similar to how placing your thumb over a garden hose creates a mist.

Benefits of using an airless sprayer

This fascinating process has a range of benefits for both professionals and novices, including:

  • Reliable service
  • Efficient and fast
  • Affordable pricing
  • Portable
  • Professional finish

Order your airless paint sprayer online

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DPD will usually deliver any orders placed before 12pm the next day.

If you're unsure whether an airless spray pump is the right paint spraying option for you, or want to discuss any spray tips, our experts are here to help.

Email us at or fill in our online enquiry form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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