Blast Cabinets

Surface Finishing Equipment Group stock a choice of our standard heavy-duty blasting cabinets to suit a range of needs, including heavy duty suction blast cabinets and heavy-duty pressure blast cabinets. Both are available in two different sizes:

  • 1,100mm X 800mm X 840mm
  • 1,350mm X 1,100mm X 1,070mm

So, depending on the scale of your operation, we have a solution for you.

Choosing your shot blast cabinet

We also design and build customised blast cabinets to meet your specific requirements including various levels of automation.

Depending on the type of abrasive blasting you’re doing. Our heavy-duty suction blast cabinet operates with fine or light abrasives used in cleaning, deburring, deflashing, finishing, peening and decorating. Whilst the heavy-duty pressure blast cabinet can be used with all type of abrasive medias to perform more demanding tasks including removal of heavy rust and stubborn coatings.

Heavy-duty suction blast cabinets work by drawing media into the airstream through the gun, making them ideal for use with low pressures and tighter tasks. Typically, they require significantly less air than the pressure types of abrasive blast cabinets.

Heavy-duty pressure blast cabinets are great for heavy daily use and are powerful enough to make light work of removing tough corrosion or working on larger surface areas.

Convenient surface preparation with our shot blast cabinets

Both of our heavy-duty sandblasting cabinet types come ready to use so you can get started immediately, and both come with their own range of accessories including a range of hoses, filters and safety features as standard. Rubber lining, trolley and turntable systems are also available.

You may require either a suction or pressure type blast cabinet.

You can be an existing or new customer, and we offer a number of payment methods. To find out more – take a look at our T&C’s or get in touch with a member of our team to enquire about purchasing one of our abrasive blast cabinets.

If you’re sold on any of our heavy-duty blasting cabinets and are ready to make a purchase, click on the one you’d like, choose your size and preferences and add it to your basket. Once you have everything you need, proceed to checkout – the process is simple, and we offer standard delivery on all our blasting cabinets.

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