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LEV Testing

LEV Testing

LEV Testing Requirements

In order to comply with the current Health & Safety Executive Requirements and HSG258, regular LEV testing must be carried out by any employer who uses local exhaust ventilation to control any dust, fume or vapour at least every 14 months.

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  • It is a legal obligation of an employer who uses local exhaust ventilation to control dust or fume, vapour to ensure that it is operating effectively and is in good repair.
  • HSG258 'Controlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation' states that COSHH tests must be carried out at least once every 14 months on Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems.
  • This includes Spray Booths, Spray Rooms, and Blast Rooms.
  • We can carry this out on extraction supplied by ourselves or an existing installation.
  • We can inspect, and test, to ensure that it is operating effectively and provide certification.
  • If the extraction fails we can provide recommendations on necessary improvements and supply new equipment where requried.

Hogg Blasting & Finsihing Equipment and Abraclean have qualified LEV Testing Engineers who can visit your site and carry out the tests in accorance with HSG258 and help you comply with the HSE Requirements. 

If your extraction system does not meet the necessary requirements we can either service the equipment or provide modifications to get you to the required level.

Call us today to book in your next LEV test.

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