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Industrial Curing and Drying Ovens

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Key Features


Here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, we have a wide range of industrial ovens that are suitable for industrial applications. Our industrial ovens are available in various sizes and have different temperature ranges, it’s about choosing which one will fit perfectly within your industry.

The powder coating ovens for drying are highly efficient, they are powered by gas or electric making them ideal for melting and curing powder. We supply the industrial ovens for several industrial applications, including drying, curing and baking, and as the specialists in design and manufacture, you can count on the team of experts, here at SFEG, to provide you with industrial ovens that fit seamlessly and perform exceptionally well.

Our powder coating ovens for drying are renowned for their ability to control temperature more reliably and to improve accuracy. If you’re looking for efficient equipment that is cost-effective and tailored to your industrial requirements, look no further than SFEG!

We work alongside each and every one of our customers from the initial concept of design, right up until the manufacture of the industrial ovens. The powder coating ovens for drying are designed to offer high quality and are extremely innovative.

If you need any more information about our surface finishing equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, simply call 01902 601 312!



  • Our ovens are typically used as part of a Powder Coating Process to melt and cure the powder
  • The cure oven is an air circulation type design
  • The burner fuel can be natural gas, oil or electric depending on the availability on site
  • Either single or multi-pass layouts are used depending on the available space
  • The oven typically heats the product to 180 degC for 15 minutes
  • Inverters can be fitted to the burners to improve accuracy of the temperature control
  • Inverters also improve fuel efficiency
  • Electric or gas infrared stages can be added to the oven in order to provide a pre-heat zone to achieve fast powder gelling and reduce the length of the air circulated zone
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