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Automatic Powder Booths & Equipment

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Key Features

Several styles of powder coating booth are available including the standard stainless steel booth for spray to waste applications or plastic booths for fast colour change applications. A cartridge style after filter is connected to the booth to extract surplus powder. A cyclone seperator can also be included to allow surplus powder to be recycled to minimise operating costs. The number of automatic guns is selected for the size of the parts and conveyor speed and these are mounted on reciprocators on either side of the booth. Powder is eitehr fed from hoppers in a basic system or from a powder centre in a fully automatic system.

As the largest Gema distributor in the UK we use Gema plastic booths, reciprocators, automatic and manual guns, powder centres and after filters as they are the manufacturers of the worlds best and most efficient powder coating equipment.


  • Designed to match product size and combination of manual and automatic powder spraying equipment
  • Access for the operator is via a side opening, or a platform to provide full walk round access
  • Designs incorporates reciprocator slots for automatic guns and manual sprayer openings
  • Booth are linked to a cyclone and after filter to remove any surplus powder
  • Full powder recovery and recycling is possible using our advanced cyclone design with a mounted sieve, and powder pump, which returns the recycled powder back to the powder centre for re-use
  • The Magic Quick Colour Change Booths are designed for fast colour changes
  • Smooth Plastic sandwich-wall booth surfaces are non-conductive to minimize powder accumulation
  • Short cleaning times are and colour purge are achievable in conjunction with the Magic Centre
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