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Pre-Treatment Plants

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Key Features

Pre Treatment Systems are used to prepare components for powder coating and spray painting. Systems can range from a simple two stage process with a chemical degrease and rinse to a 7 or more stage system including phosphate coating etc, as required to achieve the requried specification. 

Our Complete Finishing Systems division design and install pre-treatment systems, usually as part of a conveyorised powder coating or E-Coating plant.

The number of stages is selected to achieve the required coating durability and coating adhesion and we work with various chemical manufacturers to achieve the required results.

We can supply a stand alone wash machine with two or three stages, a dip pre-treatment system using several dip tanks or an on-line spray pre-treatment with a conveyor running through a series of pumped spray sections. 

Here at SFEG, we cater for a wide range of requirements and our Pre-Treatment Systems are suitable for various industrial applications, so don’t hesitate to order something suitable today!

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