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Breathing Air Quality Testing

         Breathing air testing            

Key Requirements

BS EN 12021 states that breathing air quality to Air Fed Respiratory Devices must be tested every 3 months, or more frequently when the quality of the air supplied cannot be assured. Our breathing air quality testing services will make sure that your equipment is safe and complies to BS EN 12021.

Breathing Air Test Details

  • Under EN 12021 Compressed air used for supplying breathing equipment must not contain any contaminants at a level that will have a damaging effect on the operators health.
  • Breathing air quality must be tested at least every 3 months or each time a portable compressor is moved to a new site location whichever is sooner.
  • Breathing Air filters should also be changed every 3 months and this is best done just before the testing is carried out. We can supply most new filter cartridges and our Engineers can install them prior to carrying out the test.
  • More frequent tests are required if air quality cannot be guaranteed such as when a compressor is moved to a new location
  • While most portable or wall mounted breathing air filters can remove liquid oil and water, and solid particulates, they may not remove harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.
  • We can perform tests at any air point on your site to meet your legal obligations, covering tests for :
    • Air Flow rate 
    • Oxygen level
    • Oil
    • Water
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Carbon Dioxide.
  • We provide a test report which documents the test results.
  • If any test exceeds the recommended maximum contaminant we will give advice and recommendations on necessary improvements.

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