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Powder Coating Equipment

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Powder Coating Equipment

Powder coating offers a durable and long-lasting coating that's easy to apply and eco-friendly, making it a great alternative to traditional paint.

This electrostatic process uses dry powder and an electric charge to achieve a seamless and high-quality finish on both metallic and select non-metallic surfaces.

Gema powder coating equipment

SFEG (Hogg and Jedtec) are the largest Gema distributor in the UK. We sell a host of Gema manual powder coating machines, automatic systems with reciprocators, and powder recovery systems.

We also stock all types of Gema powder coaters and supply complete plants with conveyors, powder coating ovens, and booths.

What are manual powder coating machines?

Suppose you're opting for a powder coat over regular paint. In that case, you want to be confident that your powder coating equipment will deliver the thickness and professional finish you need.

One of the main benefits of using a powder coating gun over wet paint is that no solvents are needed and they're a lot more cost-effective than automatic guns. They're also great for containing any over-sprayed powder, ensuring a clean and tidy working environment.

Types of powder coating guns

We stock an impressive collection of manual powder-coating guns and machines that our customers love, including:

Invest in a professional powder coating kit

From the most reputable industry specialists, we provide all the powder coating systems and Gema spares you'll need to keep your business ticking over, including a range of powder coating inspection equipment.

From digital surface profile gauges to Testex dial thickness gauges, we have it all so that you can ensure your powder coating job is to the highest professional standards every time.

You can shop our entire collection of powder coating equipment and spares below. Or, if you're unsure which model will suit your needs best, get in touch with the team for advice about hiring a piece of equipment at an affordable price.

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