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Powder Coating Plants

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Key Features

Here at SFEG, our powder coating plants are a popular choice for various industries. Our powder coating plants can include products from the leading distributor of application equipment, Gema, these automatic systems are all designed to provide the very best results for finishing equipment.

The powder coating plants we supply, here at SFEG, are designed to offer suitability to an array of needs and requirements. Our powder coating plants are used for control panels, conveyor systems, cure ovens, dry off ovens, powder booths and pre-treatment!

In terms of cost, time and energy, the powder plants we supply are all designed to improve the efficiency of powder coating and surface finishing. The durable coating is used for various heavy-duty applications, therefore making them versatile in application. As well as this, the powder coating plants are manufactured to high-quality standards, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for money.

SFEG are suppliers of the powder coating plants which are ideal for melting and curing powder to produce a high-quality finish for almost any industrial application. If you’re looking to improve productivity, you need one of our powder plants- they are fully guaranteed and provide a complete finish, one that’s clean and lustrous!

To find out more about the powder coating plants, get in touch with our team of experts today!



  • Our powder plants are centred around Global Leader Gema who provide the application equipment, and our Complete Finishing Systems division design, manufactures, and install the other essential stages features of the plant. 
  • The powder plant normally requires :
  • Gema automatic powder guns and manual touch up guns - both with control units
  • Programmable Reciprocators 
  • Powder transfer pumps for the guns
  • Colour change systems
  • Powder regrading, sieving, and recovery
  • Conveyor System – used to transport the product around the stages of the process
  • Pre-Treatment – spray or dip degreasing or etching
  • Extraction Booth – spray to waste or quick colour change
  • Tunnel Oven for drying
  • Curing Oven – to melt and cure the powder
  • Control Panel – to provide control and diagnostics of the system
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