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Binks Corrugated Spray Booth Filter media

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Thoat Seal Oil - QLube (TSL Oil) for all types of airless spray pumps.

237 ml Bottle.

Another added benefit to the Binks spray booth filter paper is its high capacity for overspray holding. This results in a lower frequency of filter change, lower spray booth maintenance, meaning that fewer filters are required to be in stock, making them more cost effective.  The holding capacity is a direct result of the size and depth of the filter pocket, a full 6cm deep.

The picture below shows the Binks filter paper construction, which includes on the rear side an expansion strap to ensure the correct spacing of 8 corrugations to every foot (30.4cm) guaranteeing optimum and superior filter performance.Additionally, because the superior ability of the Binks Spray Booth Filters to hold a high capacity of overspray, the fluctuation in resistance to airflow is absolutely minimal over the life of the filter.

Consequently the static pressure increases only slowly with the accumulation of paint, enabling a uniform airflow around the parts that are being coated, and more importantly clean air environment for the sprayers.


During the loading phase of the Binks spray booth filter paper, the airflow stays free although the filter is loading with paint.

Unlike mesh filters which will face load quickly, this quite simply means the paint will seal its face, in turn preventing the optimum booth airflow, so the full depth potential of the mesh filter is not utilised.

The graph shows that Binks spray booth filters have a substantially longer and flatter curve than the mesh filter. Which demonstrates the superior holding capacity and enhanced air flow stability, throughout the life of the filter.

With the static pressure increasing much slower with the accumulation of paint on the Binks spray booth filter, this produces three major advantages:

  • Airflow remains evenly distributed over the entire extraction surface of the booth
  • The air flow around the parts to be sprayed or coated, stays uniform
  • The painter/operator stays in an environment of cleaner air.



Binks disposable spray booth filters consist of two pieces of heavy kraft,100% recycled paper, which is manufactured to the highest technical standard. The accordion style structure, is not only glued, but stapled together during the manufacturing process, to provide additional strength and rigidity, no other filter manufacturer offers this type of construction. Binks Filters feature a unique expansion strap on the rear that ensures the correct spacing of 8 corrugations to every running foot (30.4cm) importantly this guarantees optimum and superior spray booth filtering performance. The large air openings in the filter allow high volumes of air to be exhausted without loss of efficiency as the media “loads”, resulting in a much longer working life than other systems.


Binks Filters can be used on any liquid overspray in the General Finishing Industry,


Binks filters are supported by a full technical data report, they are ATEX approved, backed up with ISO credentials. Full performance certification is available on request.

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