XHD Airless Spray Tip

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Graco Reversible Airless Spray tip for use with Graco Xtreme and King high pressure spray pumps.

Can also be used with lower pressure electric & petrol airless pumps if required.

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Use with a tip holder / guard part number XHD001

An airless spray pump pressurises the material being sprayed and forces it through the small orifice of the spray tip under high pressure. This process atomizes the paint in a controlled fan width and flow rate. Choosing the correct tip will decrease overspray, provide the correct finish at the correct thickness, provide more control, and use less paint.

Tip Wear

When a spray tip wears the orifice gets rounder which makes the fan pattern smaller. When a tip with a 12 inch wide fan pattern wears to a 9 inch fan pattern it uses 30% more paint over a 25% less area.

Getting the most from your spray tip depends on several factors: 

  • Fan width - picked to match the size of the object being sprayed.
  • Orifice size - suited to the type of paint you are spraying and thickness required.
  • Pump Output - each pump can only handle a tip up to a certain size.
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