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100L SatBlast Unit

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The versatile SatBlast is a fully saturated wet dustless blasting system which offers a modern solution for environmentally friendly dustless blast cleaning.

Ideal for blast cleaning stone, brick and concrete at reduced pressures in addition to steel surfaces at full pressure. 

We normally have the SatBlast in stock, otherwise 3 to 4 days delivery time.


Effective Wet Dustless Blasting Equipment

When it comes to wet blasting equipment, look no further than the Satblast.

  • A fully saturated wet blast machine, it offers an effective, versatile, and environmentally friendly approach to blast cleaning.
  • Unlike some other types of dustless wet blasting equipment, the Satblast uses as low volume of water.
  • It operates on a fixed fill of water and abrasive, with no need for a constant supply of water.
  • You will only ever use the water you need.
  • The Satblast is a dustless wet blast machine, offering your operatives and any passers-by in the area protection from potentially harmful dust inhalation. It operates at pressures from 20-100psi, and can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of situations.
  • It can also be used as a dry blast system.

The Benefits of Using Satblast Wet Blasting Systems

  • Unprecedented Versatility - The dustless wet blast equipment can be operated at low pressures, to clean stone, brick and concrete without causing damage, yet it can also be set to operate at higher pressures for when a more powerful clean or etch is required such as blasting paint off steel.
  • The Satblast removes the need to invest in different wet blasting equipment for your various cleaning needs, and can even be used as a dry blast system. Powerful & Efficient.
  • The Satblast can be used with a variety of abrasive medias, and often uses less abrasive when compared to dry blasting alternatives. It is particularly suited for removing rubberised paints and bitumen.
  • Environmentally Friendly - the SAT Blast wet blast machine blasts with a mix of abrasive media encapsulated with water to dampen down dust. This environmentally friendly method of shot blasting machine minimises operatives and passers-by from dust inhalation, allowing work to be done in areas where standard blasting may not be possible.
  • Safe & Convenient - The Satblast operates on a fixed fill of water and abrasive, requiring no constant water supply.
  • It is fully CE marked, and also available as an ATEX version for use in such hazardous environments as the offshore, oil, and gas industries.
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