RPB PX5 PAPR (Battery Powered Air Purifying Respirator)

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The RPB PX5 is a battery powered air purifying respirator fan unit which draws in contaminated air from the users immediate vicinity, passing it through internal filters, and supplying the filtered air to an approved RPB loose fitting respirator headtop.

The unit has a built in audible, visual and physical safety alarms which alert the user when filters need to be repalced or there is an obstruction of airflow.

This type of respirator is suitable for applications including welding, grinding, concrete cutting, general dust, wood working and painting with the appropraite filter (excluding isocyanate paints).

Fully CE certified to EN12941:1998.

Required components - order seperately

Respirator headtop

Breathing tube





  • Ingress Protection - Sealed housing unit, certified to IP65 rating in use and certified to IP67 rating with cleaning kit in place.
  • Sleek, considered surfaces combined with the PX5s quick relaese belt mount system simplies the decontamination process.
  • The entire PAPR can be easily removed from the belt with the mount-lock system. Two belt options are available, standard and flame retardant FR.
  • Sealed inside the unit the long life lithium-ion battery will not disconnect or bump off while operating. Lasting 8+ hours on the high speed and 12+ hours on low speed.
  • HE/P3 Filter - The media in the high efficiency filter cartridge removes 99.97% of particulates at 0.12 microns.
  • Improved filter safety - the filter door can not be fitted unless a cartridge is in place.
  • Light weight compact design - the complete system weighs 1.15kg which is vertically distributed and supported by our flexi belt system to fit the users back.
  • LED user interface - indicated air flow, fan speed and battery life.
  • Alarms - visual, audible and vibrating alarms alter the operator when the battery level is low or the air flow falls below the minimum requirements due to the need for filter repalcement or the breathing tube has become blocked or obstructed.


Speed 1: Greater than 6cfm

Speed 2: Greater than 7.4cfm

Speed 3: Greater than 8.4cfm


Speed 1: 57dBA at 12"

Speed 2: 59 dBA at 12"

Speed 3: 62 dBA at 12"

300+ charge cycles with battery life greater than 80% of original

Additional batteries are also available.

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