Nova 2000 Air Fed Blast Helmet CE

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The Nova 2000 blast helmet is one of the most comfortable blasting helmets available. 

Specification : Nova 2000 Blast Helmet

The RPB Nova 2000 Blast Helmet provides total protection from noise, respiratory hazards and the impact of abrasive. It is internationally renowned as one of the most comfortable blasting helmets available. For this reason, companies all over the world use the Nova 2000 helmet to reduce worker fatigue and maximise productivity.

Features of the RPB Nova 2000:

  • The Nova 2000 helmet is CE and NIOSH approved.
  • Air duct system diffuses an even air flow in the Nova 2000 Blast Helmet to cool the user and reduce fogging.
  • Outer, intermediate (optional), and inner lenses. Tinted lenses also available.
  • Replaceable pillow foam padding - ensures the helmet sits comfortably on your head.
  • Tough helmet shell - made of high density polyethylene, and abrasion resistant.
  • Low Flow Indicator in view of the operators line of vision.
  • Multi layered sound deadening foam - makes helmet one of the quietest available.
  • Tough nylon cape (hi-vis version available) and detachable inner muffler.
  • Safety and Visibility with the Nova 2000 Fully CE and NIOSH approved, the Nova 2000 helmet features an innovative air duct system, specifically designed to diffuse an even air flow in the helmet. This cools the user, meaning that work can be undertaken for longer periods of time, even in hot or enclosed environments. On top of that, it serves to reduce fogging, one of the main causes of discomfort and inconvenience for shot blasting workers. This, combined with the tear off visors, ensures good visibility at all times.
  • With the Nova 2000 helmet, the operator's safety and comfort is paramount. A Low Flow Indicator is positioned within the operator's field of vision. This means that should the air flow drop below the HSE stipulated 170 l/min, the operator will know to cease work and seek assistance.
  • The Nova 2000 Blast Helmet features safe and secure inner and outer viewing lenses, with an intermediate option available should you require added protection when working with heavier abrasives. Tinted lenses are also available, which are ideally suited for outdoor work.
  • A replaceable pillow foam padding ensures that the helmet sits comfortably on the head, whilst the tough polyethylene helmet shell is completely resistant to all forms of abrasion. Meanwhile, multi-layered sound deadening foam makes the Nova 2000 helmet one of the quietest available.
  • The Nova 2000 Helmet comes with a tough nylon cape, with a high-visibility variant available. A detachable inner muffler completes the package. For the most efficient and cost effective shot blasting, and for the safest and most comfortable workers, choose the Nova 2000 Blast Helmet. 
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