Monti Pneumatic Bristle Blaster

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The Monti Bristle Blasterᆴ is a hand held tool, which is capable of Surface Preparation comparable to conventional blasting under the correct conditions. It can be offered where a conventional grit blasting processes is not practical or not permitted due to waste, space, or hazardous conditions.
FEATURES : Removes corrosion or old coatings, cleans surfaces, and creates an etch for repainting. Ideal for spot-repair, site rework, and touch-up jobs such as weld seam preparation. Can produce a surface quality that is comparable to grit blasted surfaces Cleanliness of SA 2.5 and Profile of 40-120?m can be optimally achieved Low Vibration and Noise Pneumatic version ATEX certified Patented technology
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Brand Monti
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