Key Features

Dealing with mess in an industry that has a medium to high production rate needn’t be difficult- not with the help of Surface Finishing Equipment Group!

We have a wide range of water wash spray booths available for you to choose from, enabling you to prevent the overspray of materials like powder coatings and spray paints. The water wash spray booth is fitted with water jets that can eliminate any paint from the air, enabling you to maintain a clean working environment.

In terms of installation, the water wash spray booth is easy, as is the design, manufacture and installation. It’s produced to offer the highest quality and to suit various industrial applications. The water wash spray booth is not only suitable for powder paint coating and spray painting but is designed to eliminate dust and fumes too.

Our water wash spray booth can facilitate high volumes of spray paint coating and other materials, making it highly reliable and efficient for your industry. Why not choose a water wash spray booth from SFEG today and find a solution that’s robust and durable?



  • A water curtain on the booth face catches initial overspray
  • Water jets then efficiently scrub the air of paint
  • Oversprayed paint is contained in the water which cycles back to the tank
  • Clean air is exhausted to atmosphere via an fan with externally mounted motor.
  • Standard Modular Range gives high quality production and easy installation.
  • Bespoke range for specific requirements such as additional height or dividers.
  • Technical specifications fully meets EPA requirements.
  • Option for Lighting inside booth canopy behind wired safety glass.
  • Option for delivery, installation, and ductwork
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