Spray Booths

A correctly specified Dry Back or Water Wash Spray Booth is a necessity for every spray-painting operation, and here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, we design both dry filter and water wash paint booths ideal for keeping your spray area safe and clear of over spray

Do you need a spray booth?

If you work in the surface finishing industry, then the chances are high that overspray will occur, and in turn, excess emissions which could be harmful in high quantities. A spray booth is a simple and extremely effective way of catching overspray and controlling environmental emissions for a more productive workspace.

Dry filter spray booth

Our dry filter spray booths incorporate a filter media which draws in any paint laden air, removing it from the environment before safely depositing it back into the atmosphere. The filters are replaceable and affordable, meaning you can rely on your dry spray booth for many years after the initial purchase.

Depending on your specific needs, we can also supply a bespoke range of features including height and dividers, lighting and fans for noise reduction.

Water wash paint booth

Drastically reduce mess with our range of water wash spray booths. With built-in water jets to eliminate any paint from the air, you can keep your workspace clean and clear of pollutants, and they can be used with powder paint coatings, spray paints, dust and fumes.

With a water curtain to catch initial overspray and jets to strip the air of paint, you can feel confident that your working environment is as safe as it can be for you and your colleagues.

Get your paint booth today!

Both our wet and dry booths are available for delivery, and we will even install it and perform any necessary ductwork too! Installation is simple and you can be up and running in no time.

To find out more, or if you’re unsure which type of spray booth will suit your needs best, why not contact our team today? Or, for more details on our available booths, take a look below.

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