Blast Rooms

Blast rooms are an imperative feature of any surface finishing industry. Not only are they equipped with dust collection systems to keep the environment safe, they are also include abrasive handling and recycling equipment to clean the used abrasive and return it to the Blast pot, making operations more streamlined and efficient.

Here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, we scan supply a huge range of options when it comes to blast rooms, from our range of 20ft and 40ft “plug and play” container blast rooms to much larger bespoke rooms, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

Bespoke blast rooms to meet your requirements

Every blast room we supply is purpose built to meet your needs, so from the specifications and design to how it is equipped, we can ensure your blast room is the most productive it can be.

We perform a site survey to ensure you’re getting the most appropriate system, and we will work with you to ensure it meets your requirements exactly, in line with the space available and your budget.

All of our blast rooms come equipped with a dust extraction system to keep the blast room air clean. We will also provide rubber lining to your blast room to ensure longevity.

Bucket elevator

If you are using your blast room regularly, a bucket elevator abrasive recovery system could be an ideal solution. Incorporated within your blast room, they remove dust and fines and return the clean, reusable media back to the blast pot allowing it to be used again.

It’s a great way to reduce wasted time and money and optimise production.

Dust extraction units

Blasting in a dusty process so an efficient dust extraction system in essential for operator safety and good production. An efficient dust extraction system is therefore vital, and ours come built with cartridge filters and high-pressure fans to promote healthy airflow for a safer, more effective work environment.

Vacuum recovery systems

Our Vacuum Abrasive Recovery system (ARS) is a great option for your blast room where there is limited production. More affordable than a bucket elevation system, an ARS can recover reusable materials on a small scale and allows you to re-use it to keep operating costs at a minimum.

Shop our range of blast room equipment

Whether it’s a new blast room you need or a new system to implement within your existing room, we can help. SFEG are experts in this industry, so if you’re unsure where to start – get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to help!

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