Manual Powder Coating Booth


Key Features

Our Manual Powder Booths come in various styles and sizes and are designed to extract and contain the powder which is not attracted to teh parts.

Thet include cartridge filters which are reverse jet cleaned to filter out the waste powder so the air can be exhausted back into the workshop.



  • Powder laden air is drawn through filters and clean air is extracted back to the factory
  • Powder is trapped on the surface of the cartridges.
  • Operating on a closed loop re-circulating airflow principle air is drawn evenly across the face area and towards the filter section in the back of the enclosure.
  • Over sprayed powder is drawn from the operator zone, keeping the workplace clean and usable.
  • This closed loop system causes no emissions to atmosphere eliminating environmental concerns.
  • Pleated cartridges with a large surface area are used to maximise life and extraction rates.
  • Collection bins can be incorporated built conveniently take standard powder boxes.
  • The waste powder can then be stoved in the oven and normally placed in a skip - saving disposal costs.
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