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Key Features

If dust is a concern our SatBlast system is a saturated wet blast system which provides dust free operation.

Ideal for the sensitive areas where dust and debris are not permitted and for blasting stone, brickwork and concrete. 

The versatile Satblast is a fully saturated wet blasting system which offers a modern
solution for environmentally friendly blast cleaning. The Satblast has been developed to
provide controllable abrasive cleaning power which is ideal for dustless blasting of all
surfaces including stone, concrete, brick, steel, cast iron, wood and fibreglass.

It is also effective in removing rubberised paints and bitumen as it keeps the coating to be removed cool and prevents it from becoming soft and sticky.


  • The SatBlast is a saturated wet blast system which provides dust free operation.
  • PPE includes safety helmet with face visor and ear defenders.
  • The SatBlast can be used on brick, stone and steel surfaces etc and the built in pressure regular enables the operator to reduce the blasting pressure.
  • Additional extension hoses are available.
  • The SatBlast can also be used as a dry blast pot.
  • Recommended minimum compressor 265 cfm.
  • Can be used with 170 cfm compressor for low pressure blasting only
  • Steel - works well on steel surfaces and a rust inhibitor can be added to teh water to prevent flash rusting before primer is applied.
  • Concrete - at low pressure for cleaning and washing away corrosive salts and / or in concrete repair at higher pressures for exposing aggregate, removing surface coatings and removing rust from Rebar.
  • Stone - at low pressure for gentle cleaning and graffiti removal.
  • Brick - at low pressure for gentle cleaning or removal of masonry paint.
  • Timber - at low pressure for stripping paint from hard woods.
  • Fibreglass - at low pressure for paint and anti fouling removal

Standard Hire Package includes :

  • A 100L capacity SatBlast machine
  • 10m blast hose
  • ⅜" Si Ni Venturi nozzle
  • Safety helmet with full face visor and ear defenders

Blast hose extensions are available in 10m lengths.

Recommended Abrasives: 

This system is designed for use with FINE media in a saturated form such as :-

  • Abrablast fine 
  • Garnet
  • Fine Mineral Slags such as Stone Grit Fine/Extra Fine
  • Olivine

NOT SUITABLE - coarse grits / mineral slags, OR metallic abrasives

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