Portable Site Dust Extractors

The extraction of dust generated by abrasive blasting is an important issue due to visibility, environmental impact, and operator safety. Our portable dust extractors offer a purpose built solution, and are based on our Air Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector with adaptations to suit the rigors of site conditions. On many large site jobs the structure to be blast cleaned such as bridge steelwork is totally enclosed using an enviro-wrap system and our dust extractors can then be connected via flexible ducting to the enclosure to effectively remove the dust from the blasting area.

  • Portable - our dust extractors are skid mounted and have lifting eyes and can be moved to and from and around site by a fork lift, crane, or hiab.
  • EasyWaste Disposal - Our robust portable extractors feature either collection bins (with plastic bag liners) designed to be emptied whilst the collector is still in operation to minimisedowntime, or plastic bags on the bottom of the extractor ready for disposal.
  • Flexible ducting - is used to connect the extraction unit to the blasting enclosure.
  • High Pressure Fan - The extraction fan has a higher pressure rating than many extractors, allowing for long lengths of flexible ducting commonly used on site applications.




Model 6,000cfm
Dimensions (metres) 2.9 high x 2.2 long x 1.4 wide
Dry Weight (kg) 1,100kg
Electrical Power Required 11 Kw - 415 V 3 phase for main motor
Air Power Required Minimum 20cfm (565 l/min) at 80 psi for pulse clean
Generator Required 60 KVA
Generator Breaker Required 63amp Type D Breaker
Power Connection 32 Amp 5 Pin Plug
Duct Size 18"

Dust Extraction from shot blasting process

Not suitable for paint fumes

Solids to be handled

Abrasive dust

Filter Type

Reverse Jet Filter

Dust Disposal Method

Dust Storage Bags

Explosion Rating


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