Other Hire Equipment

Power Injection Gun
• Our power injection gun is designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is
• Lightweight and compact.

Venturi Air Mover
• Our site air movers offer a portable and simple way to extract dust and fumes.
• Fully Air Driven.
• Can also be used as a blower unit to provide fresh air.

Bristle Blaster
• Removes corrosion or old coatings, cleans surfaces, and creates an etch for repainting.
• Ideal for spot-repair, site rework, and touch-up jobs such as weld seam preparation.
• Lightweight, Portable, Hand Held tool for jobs where access may be limited.

Electric Air Mover Fans

Our Electric Air-Mover Fans pack a big punch, delivering a massive 7500m3 per hour. The 110v rugged 2nd generation design vane axial fan provide maximum airflow when it is needed. The mono phase blower draws a surprisingly low current compared to it's performance, making it a practical solution for either confined space ventilation, welding fume extraction or fresh air blower. We can also supply the ducting to attach to the fans.



 Air Receivers

Available as 20L or 200

Our Air Receivers or 'Air Pigs' have 2 main functions :

  • Act as a manifold to allow a single air source from a compressor to be distributed to several pieces of equipment.
  • Act as a reservoir to hold air pressure and minimise fluctuations in air volume and pressure which could affect the operation of the equipment.


  • Small receivers are often used to distribute air to air tools.
  • Larger receivers also act as a water separator and are used to supply blast pots.
  • The manufacture conforms with 97 / 23 / EC Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • A Safety Pressure Relief Valve is fitted for safety purposes.
  • A drain valve can be fitted to allow water / oil to be drained away
  • Variety of sizes available and can be fitted with a choice or valves and hose connections.

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