Hoggajet Abrasive Recovery Unit

The Hoggajet is an air operated abrasive recovery system which has been tried and tested over many years in arduous situations and found to an be efficient, and cost effective machine for the recovery of both expendable and re-usable abrasives.

Material is recovered through the gulper suction head and is drawn via the hose into the cyclone. The cyclone separates the dusts from the reusable grit which falls under gravity into the hopper for re-use.

Dusts are drawn into the filter box which filters the air through Filter Socks. Clean air is discharged through the JetPump and silencer to the
surrounding atmosphere.

The system typically is used to recover solids over a distance of 30 metres using 2.5” diameter suction hose. In optimum conditions, dependent on particle size, type of material, volume and pressure of air supply the system has recovered in in excess of 100 metres.

The Hoggajet has only has one major moving part, and requires no electrical power.

For simpler recovery applications, not requiring abrasive separation or air filtration the Jet Pump can be fitted with 4” discharge hose and used on its own without the Filter Box or Cyclone.


Dimensions: Filter Box 79" x 53" x 52"
Dimensions: Cyclone 86"overall height x 43" x 37"
Dry Weight (kg) 540 kg
Compressed Air Required Up to 375cfm @ 100psi
Suction Hose 2.5" diameter
Recovery Rate Up to 1.5 tonnes per hour

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