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Key Features

Our hire fleet includes four sizes of blast pot which can be supplied as a full package with hoses & operator safety equipment or just the blast pot.

Prices exclude air compressor and abrasive media, which are also available. Please call us for more information.

Our portable blast machines have been improved and refined from years of feedback by leading contractors and industrial customers. The result is a range of rugged machines, which offer the features and reliability users demand.


The machines can be supplied as a bare pot or a ready to use package with a choice of accessories as shown.

The hose lengths can be increased at additional cost.

Standard Package includes:

  • Dry Blast Pot of Sizes - 20L (1/2 bag), 50L (1.5 bag), 100L (3 bag) and 200L (6 bag).
  • Pot complete with remote control valve, abrasive metering valve, and water seperator.
  • 10 metres of Blast hose, remote control hose, deadman handle and venturi nozzle.
  • Nova Air fed blast helmet, breathing filter, 10 metres breathing air line.
  • Additional hoses are also available, in 10m lengths.
  • Prices quoted exclude VAT, abrasive media, compressor and delivery/collection.
  • Requires 170 - 375 cfm compressor depending on nozzle size, hose length, and blasting pressure.

Available Sizes:

  • 20L – a compact pot which can be put in the back of an estate car for easy transportation. Typically used for small jobs, touching up, or occasional blasting.
  • 50L - this model still offers easy transportation and manoeuvrability by one man, but holds nearly three times the abrasive of the 20L Pot.
  • 100L - Ideal for medium to large projects and suitable for transportation in a small van.
  • 200L –for large cleaning projects where refill downtime needs to be minimised.

Our HF Style blast pots are also available which include a air operated abrasive metering valve and a pressure regulator so you can blast at reduced pressure for more delicate work. These are supplied with the Blast & Vac system.

For dustless blasting please see our SatBlast and Blast & Vac systems.

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