Blast & Vac Dustless Blasting System


Our Blast & Vac systems provide dust free blast cleaning which is ideal for the removal of hazardous coatings or for blast cleaning in sensitive areas where dust and debris are not permitted. While the blasting process is slower than open blasting the savings in dust containment time and cost often make this the ideal solution, even for non-hazardous coating removal.


Complete Blast & Vac System shown comprising of:

  • Model 14 HF Blast Pot with Thompson Valve and Pressure regulator.
  • Material Recovery Drum c/w lid and couplings.
  • Water bath dust filter drum c/w lid and couplings.
  • Coalescing filter and support.
  • 10m 3" Vacuum Hose, 2 x 2" interconnecting hoses.
  • 10m of Blast hose and remote lines.
  • AbraVac with Silencer.
  • 2 metres x 1" Air Line to link water separator and blast pot.
  • No 3 B&V Head with nozzle.
  • Heavy duty water separator.

Excludes : Air Supply Hose to Abravac and Water Seperator (2 hoses required)

We can supply these on request at extra cost.

This package can be tailored to suit your requirements for example with longer hose lengths.


  • Recovers abrasive as it blasts.
  • No mess and no contamination.
  • Totally pneumatically driven without need for electrical supply.
  • Ideal for removal of lead paint, asbestos and other toxic coatings and operation in sensitive areas.
  • Fully adjustable blasting pressure from 15 to 100psi.
  • A HEPA filtration system can also be fitted to give additional fine filtration.


A variety of heads can be used to work on different surfaces, inner or outer corners, or edges, vertical or horizontal.
The most popular head is the 3” head for flat surfaces.


375 cfm - this varies on nozzle size / condition, blast pressure, and hose lengths.


  • Blasting steel pipe work in Channel Tunnel, Mersey Tunnel, and other contracts.
  • Removal of lead paint from Royal Mail post boxes.
  • Chemical works / food processing plants where no dust or residue is allowed.
  • Asbestos removal contracts, and cement removal.

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