Vacuum Abrasive Recovery Systems

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Key Features

Our Vacuum Abrasive Recovery system (ARS) is an entry level recovery system, ideal for lower production environments with a lower capital cost compared to a bucket elevator system. The ARS can be used to recover reusable abrasives such as steel grit or aluminium oxide for re-use, this reducing operating costs.


  • Our vacuum recovery unit is an economical way to recover abrasive in a small to medium sized blast room.
  • The ARS includes an air driven (or electric) vacuum generator with a cartridge dust extractor unit.
  • A storage silo and dust separation unit, fits on top of the blast pot.
  • Abrasive is swept into a floor hopper in the blast room from where the vacuum system conveys it to the separation unit and storage hopper.
  • Dust and fines are removed to the cartridge dust collector and the cleaned re-usable abrasive falls into the storage hopper ready for re-use.
  • As the complete system is normally air driven the air supply used for the blast pot can be used to power the recovery system once blasting has stopped.
  • An electrically driven vacuum unit is also available if requried.
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