Blast Room Dust Extraction

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Key Features

Our Cartridge Dust Extraction units are designed specifically for the arduous conditions required for a blast room application.


  • An efficient dust extraction system if an important feature of all blast blast rooms in order to extract the dust created during blasting and provide the operator with clear visibility, enabling him to work safely and achieve a good quality of blast finish.
  • Cartridge filters and a high pressure fan are used to create the required air flow through the room which will remove the dust and maintain visibility.
  • The correct filtration efficiency is maintained through automatic cartridge pulse cleaning with compressed air. The compressed air is stored in a manifold and released in 1/100sec pulse to each cartridge in turn but electronically controlled pulse valves.
  • The dust extractor housing is fabricated from 3mm steel plate and fitted with heavy duty doors.
  • Dust collection bins are attached to the bottom of the unit, and these can be fitted with a bin balance system to enable the use of plastic bag liners which aid the easy and mess free removal of waste dust.
  • A high efficiency centrifugal fan generates the suction pressure.
  • The fan outlet includes a silencer with sound insulation material to reduce the fan noise level to below 85db.
  • A magnehelic gauge can be fitted to indicate the static pressure drop across the cartridge filters and indicate the condition of the cartridge elements.
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