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Bucket Elevator Abrasive Recovery Systems

Bucket elevator with dust extractor   Bucket elevator with blast pot   Bucket elevator with abrasive hopper   Large Bucket elevator with abrasive hopper

Key Features

A bucket elevator is normally incorporated into a blast room and used in high production environments to recover used abrasive, remove the dust and fines and return the clean media back to the blast pot ready for re-use. A screw conveyor or scrapper floor can also be installed to feed the used abrasive into the base of teh bucket elevator, this reducing the time to manually sweep the used abrasive into the elevator pit.


  • Our bucket elevators come is several sizes and are designed for heavy duty grit recovery.
  • Typical recovery rate is 8 tonnes per hour. 

Principle of operation :-

  • Abrasive is swept into a floor pit, (or screw if fitted)
  • An electrical motor drives abrasive collection buckets on a moving belt
  • An air wash separation unit removes the fines
  • Good abrasive falls into a collection hopper above the blast pot ready for re-use
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