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5 Reasons why you need Powder Coating Booths

When it comes to providing a high-quality finish to equipment, you cannot beat our range of powder coating booths! Here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, we supply the powder coating booths to suit the most diverse needs and wants.

Powder coating is a popular finishing technology that has increased in popularity over recent years, providing a clean, glossy finish. The sprayed powder combines intricate particles of pigment and resin which are then baked and cured to create something sleek and durable!

Choosing one of the powder coating booths we supply at SFEG can have countless benefits on a wide range of industries, why not consider the following?


If you’re looking for powder coating booths to suit your budget requirements, you needn’t look any further than SFEG; we ensure that all of our products are priced competitively to ensure that you receive the best value for money and have plenty of opportunities to save money.

From the range of products that we supply at SFEG, you’ll find the most affordable products that incorporate a high-quality finish and long-lasting quality.


Making your powder coating booths decorative is one way that you can modernise your facilities. The powder coating booths from SFEG allow you to transform metals in a way that’s effective; you needn’t worry about tailoring products to suit your needs specifically.

The powder coating booths are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a high-quality surface finish or for a rapid colour change, you don’t only have a choice of colours to choose from, you can also choose from flat, satin, gloss, metallic, clear and fluorescent.


In terms of withstanding impacts and preserving the quality of products, you cannot beat the SFEG powder booths. Our booths are manufactured to provide resistance against all-weathers and are perfect if you’re looking to prevent chips, scratches and cracks.

As well as this, the powder booth will enable you to eliminate the likelihood of products wearing away and fading easily, they are perfect for prolonging the life expectancy of products!


The powder coating booths are ideal if you’re looking to comply with standard regulations regarding health and safety. The booths we supply at SFEG provide you with a safe environment to carry out powder spraying, ensuring that there is no compromise to your health or others within the workplace.

The powder booths are easy to keep clean and can help you to keep the mess to a minimum, reducing any maintenance costs.


For your powder spraying to be effective, you need to invest in one of our powder coating booths! The powder coating booths will prevent any shadows from forming on painted products and will make your powder booth brighter and more eye-catching.

Can you afford not to distribute light evenly? Here at SFEG, our powder booths are exactly what you need!

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