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Blast Cabinet - Euroblast

Blast Cabinet - Euroblast

Key Features

The Euroblast cabinet range provides a solution to every manual blasting problem. Available in Suction and Pressure Feed in a range of configurations. Picture shown is example of one model available.


  • There are 7 highly durable, sheet steel constructed cabinets sizes available plus a further 5 application cabinets for more specialised requirements
  • Available in Suction or Pressure Feed Versions
  • A suction feed system uses a venturi siphoning action the the Model 400 or 900 Blast Gun to draw the blast media from a hopper into the compressed air stream within the gun nozzle itself. The air and media pass through the nozzle, to be directed at the component.
  • A pressure feed system stores the blast media within a pressure pot. When the pot is sealed, the blast media falls through a valve into a compressed air stream within the blast hose. It is then accelerated through the blast nozzle to impact upon the component.
  • The pressure feed system produces faster moving blast media and offers cycle times that can be up to four times faster than a suction feed system.
  • Viewing window with protective screens.
  • Can be used with wide range of media sizes and type as required for the application
  • Safety door interlock - prevents cabinet operating with door open.
  • Use 8 - 115 cfm depending on type, model, gun and nozzle chosen
  • Efficient media cyclone separators are available plus a range of dust collectors to suit every application and throughput.

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