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Abrasive Media

A large variety of blasting media can be used each with its own performance and cost trade-offs. The main categories are Expendable Shotblasting Abrasives which are low cost one use only abrasives, and Reusable Abrasives these are initially more expensive but can be used several times where collection and recovery is possible.

Shot Blasting Media

As the UK’s leading supplier of surface finishing equipment, SFEG stock a wide variety of shot blasting media to suit all budgets and requirements. The type of shot blast media used depends on the material that needs removing, the substrate, and the type of finish required. For a quick introduction to our range of shot blasting media, read our abrasives guide.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of shot blasting media: reusable and expendable.

Reusable Shot Blasting Media

Reusable shot blasting media is most commonly used in “closed-circuit” environments, such as blast cabinets or blast chambers, where it is possible to collect used materials. The abrasives are higher priced, but because they can be reused, they are more cost-effective. We sell reusable shot blasting media in 25kg bags with discounts for full 1000 kg pallet orders.

Examples of reusable shot blasting media include chilled iron, aluminium oxide, glass bead and steel shot.

Expendable Shot Blasting Media

Expendable shot blasting media is more commonly used in open environments with mobile blast pots. The abrasives are comparatively inexpensive, but cannot be recovered and reused. We sell expendable shot blasting media in 25kg and 37.5kg bags, with discounted rates available for 1.5 tonne full pallets.

Examples of expendable shot blasting media include JBlast, Arablast, Garnet, Olivine and Stonegrit.

Shot Blasting Media Safety

A danger of using non controlled shot blasting abrasives, such as sand, is free silica being inhaled when the media shatters during impact. If inhaled, free silica can induce silicosis, a chronic, irreversible and potentially fatal lung disease.

None of our shot blasting media products contain free silica. Yet whilst this will protect you from the risks of silicosis, safety precautions must still be taken when using any of our shot blasting media products.

We stock a full range of COSHH-approved PPE equipment, including blast helmets, blast suits, respiratory masks and air filtration, testing and monitoring kits.

Our Introduction to Blast Cleaning provides a thorough breakdown of the applications and benefits of shot blasting, the various types of blasting and some basic yet essential safety recommendations.

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