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Booth Filters

Efficient air filtration can maintain a clean, pollution free workplace environment. We supply a range of filter types for your spray booth, powder booth, or blast room extraction.

Image of Binks Filter Paper

Binks Filter Paper

We supply original Binks Pleated Spray Booth Filter constructed from perforated cardboard walls. The only brand to retain its original grams per squa...

Image of Paintstop Roll

Paintstop Roll

Our Paintstop green and white roll is a widely used form of fibreglass filtration used as a filter for spraybooth extraction. ...

Image of Panel Filters

Panel Filters

Panel Filters are normally used to filter air before it enters a spray or blast room to prevent contaminants entering the area. ...

Image of Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are typically used for filtering dusts in applications such as powder coating or shot-blasting. ...

Image of Synthetic Booth Filter

Synthetic Booth Filter

The PST290 Dual Layer Synthetic Filter is normally used for spray booth extraction, often as a secondary filter....

Image of Roof Air Input Filter

Roof Air Input Filter

A high quality, dense synthetic media, filtering to F5. commonly mounted in the ceiling of spray-rooms where it is critical there is no dust within th...

Image of Columbus Filter

Columbus Filter

Columbus filter can be used in spray booths and is constructed of a combination of layers of slit and expanded kraft with an optional final layer of d...

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