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Graco Airless Guns

Graco Airless Spray Guns

Graco are widely acknowledged to be the market leaders in paint spraying equipment, and their range of airless spray guns are favoured by finishers and professionals all over the world.

An airless spray gun is so-called because it atomises the material being sprayed using hydraulic pressure at the spray tip. This results in a medium to high pressure spray that allows for the quick and effective covering of large surfaces.

Our Range of Airless Spray Guns

We offer a range of Graco Airless Spray Guns and Air Assisted Guns to suit your application. The XTR, Contractor, Silver Plus, and G40 Guns are favourites of professionals worldwide.

The Graco XTR Airless Spray Gun is perhaps the most widely used airless spray gun in the world, and is the ideal choice for difficult industrial applications.

The Graco Contractor II Airless Spray Gun is popular with decorators and renovators for domestic use. It has a revolutionary needle design with zero paint exposure, which results in a 70% longer life; whilst the replaceable Easy Out gun filter reduces irritating tip clogging.

The Graco Silver Airless Spray Gun is made from forged aluminium, making it able to withstand tough and demanding working environments. Its two finger trigger design and handle allows for longer use with less fatigue, whilst the exclusive needle design means that no trigger adjustments are ever needed. Its stainless steel fluid tube makes it possible to spray heavier materials, such as high solid coatings, making the Graco Silver Airless Spray Gun ideally suited for heavy industrial use.

Finally, the Graco G40 AA Airless Spray Gun is designed for use with light to medium lacquers and paints. It gives a soft spray pattern with low overspray, making it a popular choice for joiners and furniture manufacturers.

If you are unsure which airless spray gun is right for your needs, get in touch and we will be happy to advise. Call us on 0191 415 3030 (North East) or 0161 480 8087 (North West).

For more information on any Graco Airless Spray Gun, including full data sheets, click the links below.

Image of Graco XTR Spraygun

Graco XTR Spraygun

The Graco XTR Airless Spray Gun is now the standard industrial airless gun, pressure rated for use with high pressure pumps, such as the NXT or XP70. ...

Image of Graco Contractor II Gun

Graco Contractor II Gun

The Graco Contractor II Airless Spray Gun is popular with decorators in conjunction with electrically powered pumps such as the ST Max, or Ultramax II...

Image of Graco Silver Spraygun

Graco Silver Spraygun

The Graco Silver Plus Airless Gun 235460 is a simple, durable, model normally used with medium pressure pumps such as the King....

Image of Graco G40 AA Gun

Graco G40 AA Gun

The Graco G40 gun is an air assisted spray gun typically used with a Merkur pump for rapid spraying with low overspray. Ideal for joineries, and furni...

Image of Tritech T360 Airless Gun

Tritech T360 Airless Gun

The T360 is a high quality airless spray gun for use with most Electric Spray Units. Lightweight and balanced, with comfortable trigger pull and super...

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