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Air Filtration

Effective Air Filtration is essential to remove water, oil, and particle contaminates. Depending on the use they ensure the likes of operator safety, correct machinery function, and damp abrasives causing blockages.

Image of Radex Breathing Filter

Radex Breathing Filter

The Radex Breathing Air Filter is a 6 stage cartridge filter which can remove oil / water mists and particulate pollutants down to 0.5 micron from the...

Image of Norgren Breathing Filter

Norgren Breathing Filter

Normally fitted downstream from a standard watertrap, to provide a higher purity of air. Often fitted to our Portable Blast Pots to provide filtered a...

Image of Standard Air Filters

Standard Air Filters

We fit a heavy duty, metal bodied, water separator to the air inlet of all of our blast pots to minimise the abrasive getting damp - which is a major ...

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