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Powder Equipment

Powder coating is accepted as a solution to increasingly stringent environmental regulations, rising costs, and demands by consumers for better quality and more durable products. SFEG work in conjunction with GEMA, the industries global powder coating equipment development pioneer. We provide everything from manual machines, automatic guns, reciprocators, powder booths, colour change systems, along with the support of servicing, and spares.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating involves the application of statically charged dry paint, which is heated in an oven to provide a dry, clean, and durable coating. It is the preferred finishing process for businesses all over the world, and we take great pride in providing a complete range of safe, reliable and efficient powder coating equipment.

Manual Powder Coating Equipment

Perfect for smaller operations, Manual powder coating equipment is suitable when control and precision is required over expediency. We stock Gema Optiflex 2 Manual Powder Coaters. Manufactured by the world leaders in powder coating technology, these allow you to store up to 20 custom programmes, making it easy to find the optimal settings for every condition. The lightweight and well-balanced Gema Optiflex 2 Manual Gun grants operators with unprecedented control and precision, whilst remaining easy to use for longer periods.

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

Automatic powder coating equipment is suitable for operations that require high transfer efficiency, reproducible results and the control of all parameters in the same place. We stock Gema Automatic Powder Coating Systems, which incorporate reciprocator mounted automatic powder guns, quick colour change booths and magic powder centres, with simple to use control units capable of storing up to 250 programmes.

Positioners & Reciprocators

Positioners & Reciprocators are perhaps the most integral of all powder coating equipment. They are used in systems worldwide to mount and move automatic powder guns. Our positioners & reciprocators are made by Gema, the leading manufacturers of reliable powder coating equipment. Simple to programme and maintain, they allow you to easily and precisely control gun positioning and movement for maximum flexibility.

Powder Booths

We stock a range of powder booths designed to suit a multitude of product sizes, colour change demands and any required combination of manual and automatic powder coating equipment. Our manual coating booths operate on a closed loop system for optimum safety and air purity. Our automatic coating booths are efficient and fully-customisable to suit the requirements of most any powder coating operation.

Handling & Colour Change

Handling & Colour Change equipment is an essential part of any powder coating operation. The OptiFeed B Fresh Powder System is designed for safe and efficient conveying of large quantities of powder across long distances. Meanwhile, the Gema OptiCenter allows for extremely quick colour changes, efficient powder usage and outstanding coating results.

Drying Ovens

Our industrial drying ovens can run on natural gas, oil or electricity, depending on the onsite availability. They typically heat products to 180°C for 15 minutes, melting and curing the powder to ensure a dry, clean, and durable coating.

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