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Super Yacht Spray Filler Application System

Super Yacht Spray Filler Application System

Key Features

AkzoNobel, Graco and Hogg partner to bring a cutting edge spray filler application system to Super Yacht applicators and builders.


A multi-year partnership follows collaboration and trials between AkzoNobel, Graco and Hogg, to refine the formulation and application of Awlfair SF to the Super Yacht industry.

The system combines the material formulation knowledge of AkzoNobel, the technology expertise of Graco, and the equipment design and application experience of Hogg Blasting & Finishing Equipment.

The three companies have come together to deliver a comprehensive service offer that provides applicators and builders with the technology and training to adopt this exciting new spray filler.

A true step change in the coatings industry and can open multiple opportunities to boost productivity and performance for our customers. Awlfair SF is not only quick and easy to apply but delivers the outstanding quality associated with Awlgrip.

Awlfair SF is the latest high-performing filler technology from AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand. Delivering the operational performance applicators and builders have come to expect from Awlgrip, Awlfair SF is distinct because it is applied by pressurized airless spray rather than hand application. This allows for wet-on-wet application, and the application of up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding between coats. Spray application also eliminates air pockets, resulting in reduced reworking and improved aesthetics.

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