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Cartridge Half Mask

Cartridge Half Mask

Key Features

The F8 Half Mask has a rubber face piece, exhalation valve, and disposable combination A2P3 cartridges for protection against particles such as dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos, and protection against Organic Gases and Vapours.


The selection and use of the correct Personal Protective Equipment is essential to effectively protect users from risk by creating a barrier against workplace hazards. Our F8 half mask uses a combination of a rubber face piece, with disposable cartridges.

Features :-

  • Construction of durable thermoplastic rubber
  • Exhalation Valve - for low breathing resistance
  • 4-point suspension harness with quick release buckles.
  • Conforms to EN 140 Standard specifying the inward leakage testing, breathing resistance, flammability, and the mechanical tightness of valves and connections.

Cartridge :-

  • A2P3 Combination cartridge combines which combines 2 levels of protection. Conforms to EN 14387 Standard for gas and combination filters, and EN 143 providing the requirements for particle filters.
    P3 White Layer  – protects against all types of particles (dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos) - Filters at least 99.95% of airborne particles
    A2 Brown Layer – protects against Organic Gases & Vapors with a boiling point of > 65 °C

Uses :-

  • Typically this cartridge is used for Paint Spraying or Powder Coating.
  • It is NOT suitable for protection against isocyanate paints which require Air Fed Respirators. All check the paint manufacturers data sheet for full advice.

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