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Gema Reciprocators

Gema Reciprocators

Key Features

Gema offers a broad range of reciprocators & positioners with different levels of automation selected to meet the individual needs of the customer.


  • Manufactured by Gema - the global leader in powder coating technology
  • Used in powder systems worldwide to mount and move automatic powder guns
  • The ZA reciprocators provide easily programmable and accurate automation of gun movement
  • This give best powder coverage, quality, and minimum powder wastage
  • The Gema ZA Reciprocator is an easily programmable, reliable, and maintenance friendly unit
  • Allows you to easily and precisely control gun positioning and movement for maximum flexibility
  • Displays accurate digital readouts
  • Can be used a system with Detection of Component gaps, height and widths
  • Up to 255 programmes can be stored for optimum flexibility
  • Multi axis systems are controlled by the Magic Control CM10 or the Compact opti-control CM20

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