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Powder Coating Advantages

Powder Coating Advantages

Key Features

Powder coating is the technique of applying statically charged dry paint to a part which is then heated in an oven to melt and cure, to give a dry, clean, durable coating.


  • Powder coating is accepted as the preferred finishing process for many applications.
  • Increasingly stringent environmental  regulations, rising costs in all areas, and demands by consumers for better quality and more durable products are among the challenges facing today’s finisher.
  • Gema’s technology, quality, and research, coupled with the local backup and support of The Surface Finishing Equipment Group has brought Powder Coaters a solution to these challenges and others.
  • Unlike liquid paint finishing where solvents are used, powder does not release Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere.
  • Unlike wet spraying, in many cases the over sprayed powder can be  recycled for re-use.
  • With one of the  world's largest installed bases of powder application equipment, Gema brings the confidence and expertise that comes with being the global  leader in powder coating equipment.

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