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Blast Cabinet - Formula

Blast Cabinet - Formula

Key Features

The Formula Suction Cabinet is a self contained blast cabinet perfect for light to medium applications, small workshops, garage and DIY.


  • Choice of Sizes and models : From 600 mm to 1165 mm working width
  • The operator puts his hands through protective gloves in the front of the cabinet and holds the gun in one hand while moving the product to be cleaned in the other hand.
  • Side opening Right Hand Door
  • The operator looks through a glass screen which is covered by replaceable film strips.
  • Internal Cabinet Lighting
  • A choice of F21 or F41 Bag Dust Extractor is attached which extracts and filters the dust laden air.
  • Simple Operation using Foot Pedal on/off or Trigger Operated for smallest model.
  • Continuous Abrasive Recycling.
  • Air Consumption of 8 - 45 cfm depending on nozzle size
  • 240 volt Single Phase or 380 volt 3 phase

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