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Key Features

As conveyor systems manufacturers, Surface Finishing Equipment Group supply a complete range of equipment that transports products around an industrial environment safely and efficiently.

Here at SFEG, we supply the Rayridge custom conveyors to accommodate the diverse needs of various industrial businesses. We are aware of the importance of handling materials, ensuring that they are transported securely without there being any compromises made to the quality of products.

Conveyors system manufacturers will provide you with a solution that allows you to transport your products reliably but at SFEG, we make sure that our conveyors are suitable for heavy duty applications as well as light weight applications.
If you’re looking to speed up the process of transporting materials from one location to the next, you can’t argue with our low cost, robust solution! The Rayridge custom conveyors are perfect for any medium and heavy-duty applications, providing you with long-term reliability. For heavy-duty applications, you’ll want to consider the Rayridge RR8 whereas, for slightly smaller applications, it’s suggested you choose the RR12.

Our in-house team of experts, here at SFEG, will be more than happy to help you to discover a bespoke solution for handling products, so feel free to get in touch with us!


  • Our conveyor systems includes the track, chain, trolley, motor, lubricator and control.
  • Conveyors can be supported from the floor or factory roof
  • Available in a conventional or inverted style, where the inverted style provides protection for the chain from overspray and dust is prevented from dropping onto the product.
  • Individual pendants or flight bars can be used for more flexible loading of products or jigs. 

RAYRIDGE RR12 – our medium duty conveyor system

  • The Rayridge RR12 has enclosed track and is available with either bottom or top entry.
  • Carrying capacity is 30kg per pendant on a 300mm pitch.
  • The chain uses custom bearings for long term reliability.  

RAYRIDGE RR8 – our heavy duty conveyor system

  • The Rayridge RR8 has an increaded carrying capacity is 63.5kg per pendant on a 406mm pitch.
  • Heavier loads can also be carried using a double pendant and a load bar.

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