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Top 5 Surface Finishing Equipment Products by SFEG

As the UK’s leading surface finishing equipment provider, Surface Finishing Equipment Group supply innovative designs that match your criteria specifically.

SFEG provide a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to the needs and wants of various industry sectors. This includes abrasive blasting equipment, spray painting equipment, powder coating equipment, and personal protection equipment. 

Before you start using surface finishing equipment, it’s essential you have the right safety clothing, referred to as PPE.

As a requirement of HSE, you need to protected if you’re undergoing any shotblasting or painting. An example of the PPE we provide includes our respiratory masks, and shot blast helmets, which act to prevent any respiratory hazards from arising. Other items include coveralls, Hi-visibility clothing and gloves, as well as blast helmets.

Abrasive Shotblasting Equipment.

Shot Blasting is a technique of surface finishing which applies a controlled stream of abrasive onto a surface. The abrasive rapidly impacts the substrate to remove surface contaminants such as rust. It can also be used to create a profile for increased adhesion of a subsequent coat of paint. Our range includes Portable Blast Pots popular with leading contractors and industrial customers. The result is a range of rugged abrasive blasting machines, which offer the features, and reliability users have demand

Shotblasting Abrasives

There are many grits and abrasives used for sand blast cleaning.  Reusable shot blasting abrasives tend to be higher in cost than expendable.. Reusable blast media is used in closed circuit environments such as chambers or cabinets, were the media can be recovered and re-used.  Examples of reusable abrasives are chilled iron, profilium, aluminium oxide and glass bead. Expendable abrasives, are designed to be used once only - as they break up on impact. They are used for open blasting or site work in outside environments where the blast media is not recovered.  Examples are iron silicate, abrablast, and Garnett. 

Spray paint equipment.

We are agents for Graco and Devilbiss Spray Painting Equipment. Graco specialise in high pressure machines such as the Ultramax portable electric sprayer, Ideal to interior or exterior painting jobs - renovation, new construction, and commercial contractors. The Graco NXT Xtreme is the industry standard for airless spray painting for protective coatings onto large objects such as ships, bridges, or pipes. Devilbiss specialise in equipment with high quality atomisation and finish quality such as the GTI Pro and Advanced Gun. The operator has precise control of the spray pattern width and pressure. The range also includes Binks Pressure Feed Tanks, and Ransburg Electrostatic systems.

Powder Coating Equipment

Powder coating is a solution to stringent environmental regulations, rising costs, and demands by consumers for better quality and more durable products. SFEG work in conjunction with GEMA, the industries global powder coating equipment development pioneer. We provide everything from optiflex 2 manual machines, automatic guns, reciprocators, powder booths, colour change systems, along with the support of servicing, and spares. 

Personal Protective Equipment

There is a responsibility under HSE requirements to provide fit for purpose safety equipment for all employees that may work in an environment or carry out a process which may be hazardous to the employee’s health. We supply a range of products to ensure this can be achieved. The RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is our flagship blast helmet combining breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort, convenience, and safety. The Honeywell Sperian Airvisor 2 Air Fed Mask is our number 1 spray painting mask designed for operations in which a high level of protection is required, such as paint shops, powder coating and industrial spraying environments.

If you require any more advice, the team of friendly professionals at SFEG will be more than happy to assist you!

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