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RPB Safety - Radex Breathing Filter and Replacement Cartridges


RPB Radex Air Filter Unit

The Radex Breathing Air Filter can remove oil and water mists, + particulate pollutants down to 0.5 micron from a compressed air supply.  The ideal companion to an air supplied respirator such as the NOVA 3 Blast Helmet or the Z Link Respirator. It can also be used when clean air is required for critical processes such as high quality paint spraying.

Original Replacement Cartridges

The large capacity and economical 6 stage filter can be changed within minutes. The cartridge should be inspected weekly or more often depending on usage and the conditions of the air system in which the Radex Airline Filter is installed.
The cartridge should be replaced after a maximum period of 3 months based on a 40 hour week.

The filter cartridge must be replaced immediately if the following exist:

1. The presence of odour and or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator.
2. Presence of moisture at the outlet fittings.
3. Large pressure drop across the filter.



Removes moisture, particulates, and odour from the compressed air stream.
Large capacity Filter Cartridge - easily replaceable within minutes
Date Sticker - ensures you can schedule filter cartridge replacement
Safety Valve safeguards the filter / respirators from over pressure
Outlet Pressure Regulator
Can be mounted in a wall or floor position via twist and lock mount
Drain Tap - Allows easy draining of collected condensates
Can be supplied with a variety of inlet / outlet options at extra cost


The Radex does not remove carbon monoxide and other toxic gases from the breathing air supply. 
Supplied air passing through the Radex Airline Filter must meet requirements of EN 12021 or your relevant country standards.
Regular tests of the compressed air must be carried out to ensure it meets the requirements for breathable air.

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