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Spray Tip Guide

Spray Tip Guide

Key Features

The spray tip affects a job’s profit margin as much as any other piece of equipment on the site. Optimize your performance. Improve your work quality. Control your costs. The picture shows what happens when a a Spray Tip wears.


  • The size of spray tips has a fan size and the orifice size. Using XHD-517 Tip as an example :-
  • XHD is the type of tip – Graco XHD
  • The first number is the fan size. If you multiply it by 2 the result is the approximate fan size when the tip is about 12" from the surface being sprayed. So this tip has an approximate 10" fan when the tip is 12" from the surface to be painted.
  • The last two digits are the orifice size in thousands. So this tip has a .017 opening. In general thine rmaterial require smaller tips, and thicker matrials require larger tip sizes.
  • Note on Spray Tip Wear - when a tip wears out the spray fan changes from a tight long thin rounded corner rectangle to an oval and when it is completely worn out it sprays a circle. This wear reduces the fan width which means you will have to make more passes to cover the same area. Also as a tip wears out the opening gets larger so you are spraying more and more material.

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