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Key Features

We supply a variety of Gramos Orapi products to ensure the efficient operation of your wet spray painting or powder coating process. This includes protective coatings, tacky coatings, tack cloths, and paint denaturants.


  • Products are available for various uses listed below.
  • An abbreviated brochure can be downloaded from the link above. A full Gramos products brochure is available on request.



B-4712 Liquid Denaturant
Added to the tank of water wash booths to treat and and denature paints, making them less sticky, and minimise clogging of pumps and jets.
D-4530 Oven Coating
Applied to oven walls the film dries to form a tacky coating capable of trapping airborne dust and dirt particles. Can be washed away and re-applied.
G-4602 Peelable Booth Coating
Used on booth walls to provides a light reflective surface for better working conditions. The dried film can be peeled away enabling paint overspray to be quickly and cleanly removed.
D-3009 Tack Cloths
Used in preparing a dust free surface prior to painting. Consist of a cotton scrim impregnated with a tacky resin that has been formulated to be compatible with all paint systems. Acts as a pre-paint wiping cloth for removal of unwanted specks of dust or dirt.


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