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Choosing a Nozzle

Choosing a Nozzle

Key Features

A guide to choosing the correct Nozzle shape, bore, and material is shown on this page.


  • Use of the correct Blast Nozzle is essential for an efficient blasting operation.
  • Consideration must be given for the factors shown below.
  • Nozzle Shape:
    Our standard nozzles utilise a venturi bore to create a wide blast pattern and increase abrasive velocity as much as 100% for a given pressure. This can give a 40% increase in productivity compared to straight bore nozzles.
    Our straight bore nozzles give a narrow concentrated blast pattern for spot blasting or cabinet work.
  • Nozzle Bore: A large bore nozzle will allow high production rates if the volume and pressure of the air supply from the compressor is sufficient. If the nozzle bore does not match the compressor output the media will not leave the nozzle at high enough velocity to ensure blasting efficiency resulting in wasted abrasive and slowed rates.
  • Nozzle Material: As the nozzle wears, the air requirement increases and if the air supply is not sufficient, pressure will drop and blasting efficiency will reduce.

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