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Reusable Abrasives

Reusable Abrasives

Key Features

Reusable Shotblasting Abrasives such as chilled iron are generally used for 'closed circuit' blasting such as blast cabinets or blast chambers, were the media is collected and re-used. Our blast media is economical & effective for closed media blasting.


  • Reusable abrasives such as profilium steel grit only breaks down gradually after each use making it economical
  • A regrading process on most systems separates out dust so only good abrasive is reused.
  • The type of abrasive is usually chosen dependant on the material to be removed, the substrate, and the type of finish required.
  • Bag Size is 25 kg, and full Pallet Size is 1000 kg.
  • Discounted rates are available for full pallets.
  • See the Data Sheet for more details on each type of abrasive
Name Description Typical uses
Profilium A hard and angular steel abrasive. Ideal for the fast cleaning and etching of painted or corroded parts such as steel fabrications. Suitable for removing corrosion, and surface preparation for bonding.
Aluminium Oxide Fused Alumina is angular, and durable and can be recycled many times. Variety of applications, from cleaning engine cylinder heads, turbine blades, cleaning and preparing parts. Suitable for cleaning, removing corrosion and other deposits, roughening, preparing surfaces, etching and decorating.
Glass Bead A spherical, chemically inert product with no risk of corrosion or contamination of the surface being blasted. Primarily used in blasting cabinets for polishing, peening, removing light burrs and light foreign matter. 
Steel Shot Spherical grains made of steel uses impact rather than a cutting process, leaving minimal dust. Normally used in air powered, wheel blast, and floor blast systems. Suitable for cleaning, deburring and finishing.

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