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Glass Bead

Glass Bead

Key Features

Glass Bead Shotblasting Abrasive is a is a chemically inert, spherical abrasive ideal for cleaning, peening or polishing of sensitive objects such as automotive parts, or moulds. Often used in blast cabinets where it can be collected and reused.


How is Glass Bead Abrasive Manufactured?

Glass Bead Abrasive or Soda Lime Silicate is a spherical abrasive manufactured by crushing soda lime glass. The crushed glass is then shaped into round beads by in a furnace. It is generally used in blastrooms, or cabinets where it can be recycled efficiently. 

How is Glass Bead Abrasive Packaged?

  • Glass Bead Abrasive is available in 25 kg bags, with additional discount available for 1 Tonne pallets.

Popular Grades of Glass Bead Abrasive Blasting Media

  • GB 75 -150- Grain Size - between 75 and 150 micron - fine grade
  • GB 150-250 - Grain Size - between 150 and 250 micron - a popular medium grade
  • GB 400-600 - Grain Size - between 400 and 600 micron - coarse grade

Example Applications of Glass Bead Bead Blasting Media

  • Cleaning of Engine Parts such as cylinder heads
  • Cleaning of Plastic Dies, or Moulds
  • Polishing to produce a smooth finish
  • Peening of objects such as springs, suspension arms, turbine blades to give the material essential resistance to fatique or failure.
  • Removing sheen from services to create a decorative finish
  • Removing heat scale or discolouration

Advantages of Glass Bead Abrasive

  • Cleaning of sensitive surfaces where the substrate cannot be damaged 
  • Economical - does not break down easily - allowing re-use
  • Chemically inert - does not react with other materials and causes no corrosion
  • Low Dust Levels are advantageous for the Operator and minimise Dust Contamination

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