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Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

Key Features

Aluminium Oxide Shotblasting Abrasive is a is an angular, tough, sharp, reusable shotblasting abrasive, often used in blast cabinets, and blast rooms for cleaning non-ferrous components, providing a profile on stainless steel and aluminium, and glass etching.


What is Aluminium Oxide Abrasive?

Aluminium Oxide Abrasive is also known as Fused Alumina and belongs to the group of Electro-Corundum - a crystalline form of aluminium oxide Al2O3. It is produced by controlled melting of calcined bauxite in an electric arc furnace.

Due to it's cutting properties Aluminium Oxide is used in a wide variety of abrasive products - from grinding disks, polishing wheels, and sanding papers.

In a shot blasting process is it is generally used in blastrooms, or cabinets where it can be recycled efficiently.

We stock Aluminium Oxide Abrasive in 25kg bags with discounted rates available for pallets of 1 Tonne.

Types of Alumium Oxide Abrasive

  • Virgin Brown - General purpose media in a variety of grain sizes
  • Virgin White  - High purity for high tech applications such as electroplating
  • Recycled Brown - a lower cost, lower purity version of media

Popular Grades of Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

  • F20 - Grain size - 0.85 - 1.18 mm
  • F36 - Grain size - 0.42 - 0.60 mm 
  • F46 - Grain size - 0.30 - 0.42 mm 
  • F60 - Grain size -  0.21 - 0.30 mm 
  • F90 - Grain size - 0.12 - 0.18 mm 
  • F120 - Grain size - 0.09 - 0.12 mm 

Example Applications of Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

  • Providing a profile on stainless steel and aluminium, and glass etching. 

Advantages of Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

  • Rapid Cleaning Rate
  • Does not corrode and so ideal for intermittent work
  • Hard - Average Hardness greater or equal to 9 Mohs
  • Low Dust Levels are advantageous for the Operator and minimise Dust Contamination
  • Low overall lifetime cost as can be recycled many times

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